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THE Modern Outfitter
FOR The Urban Angler

"Rooted in the Rivers,Raised on the Street"

 Raised on the streets of Southern California, the mecca of surf and skate culture,

fly fishing was not in our blood, it was a conscious pursuit.

Introduced by way of trips to Foresthill, CA and Dutch John, UT, we were initially “hooked on the bite”,

but became obsessed with the culture, people, and the world that exists outside our city limits.

As our connection to fly fishing grew stronger, 

it became apparent to us that the new generation of angler was not represented.

Through this, The Dry Fly Society was born.

We are the modern outfitter for the urban angler;

a society of unique individuals that seek the adventure that the sport has to offer.

Membership is limited to few but exclusive to no one, no matter their ethnicity, beliefs or gender. 


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